One brushstroke at a time…

…you can free your mind from the should’s, have to’s, limitations and worries.

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About Whitney Freya

Whitney Freya has been facilitating creative learning since 1996 when she opened The Creative Fitness Center. Since then, she has travelled globally as a creativity expert, published three books on personal creativity, including her latest book launching now, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brushstroke at a Time, and founded her Creatively Fit Coaching Certification Program to ensure as many people as possible remember their infinite creative nature in as supportive a way as possible.

Whitney has facilitated her process at The Esalen Institute, Burning Man, The Agape Spiritual Center, and creativity conferences in South Africa, Dubai, Canada and the U.S. She has appeared on summits alongside Dr. Wayne Dyer, Donna Eden & more. Humanitarian News recognized Whitney for her work with Women for Women International. She lives in the “wild west” of NE Oregon with her three teenagers, who LOVE to “think creatively!”

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One brushstroke at a time…

…you can free your mind from the should’s,have to’s, limitations and worries.
…you can align with the awareness that YOU are the sole creator of your experience.

One brushstroke at a time, you can restore your natural, co-creative, relationship with your Soul.

What people have to say about the book?

Something I’ve always wanted to do is to make art, not just for the benefit of myself, but to share with the world. My mother always told me “You can’t make a living being…an artist.

Well, starting today I am creating a new story. I’ve come to painfully realize that if I don’t create then I will stay trapped in this container of ‘you can’t’ that I’ve created. And it sucks. It feels small and I feel trapped. I have to express my thoughts and feelings and the canvas is where I’m starting.

Whitney has me seeing more clearly HOW I am constantly creating in my life. I am creating the energy that surrounds me with my words and my thoughts. My Personal Painting Practice has given me a fun and easy way to tap into feelings of peace. I used to worry so much more. I used to feel stress so much more. Now, when I feel anything less than Super Soul Flow I know just what to do! Buy the Super Soul Flow package…you won’t regret it!

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